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About Scrum App
Work together on Scrum projects

Scrum App
Do you want to manage your scrum projects on your phone / tablet and on the web? Quickly see what your colleagues are doing? With the help of Scrum App this becomes all very simple. With this app you can easily manage the scrum board, the backlog and see the burn down chart.

How it Works?
Getting started is simple. Create your project, put your user stories on the backlog, add your teammates to the project and start a sprint. Now everyone can create and assign tasks. With one button you can put the changes on Google Drive so your teammates can seem them.

Basic Features
* Save the project on Google Drive
* Manage your project team
* Put user stories on the backlog
* Manage the scrum board
* View the burn down chart

It really is that simple to manage your project with the help of Scrum App. Go on give it a try.
If you have any queries or issues for which you need our assistance: Feel free to mail us, contact info is in the app.